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Baby Massage has so many benefits for you and baby but here are my top five;

1. Baby massage helps you get to know your baby and provides time to relax together.

2. Baby massage helps boost your confidence as a parent and helps you learn more about your baby.

3. Baby massage can help soothe wind and colic.

4. Baby massage promotes bonds between you and baby through the release of oxytocin and the opportunity to share eye contact.

5. Baby massage is fun and communicates how much you love your baby.

Visit for more details on how to learn.


Baby Massage has so many benefits for parents and babies. The best thing about it is that it is so simple to learn and practice with your baby. Many parents attend a baby massage class but that is not always possible.

Baby Massage classes can be a great place to meet other parents, share ideas and experiences and relax. If there is not a class near you, that doesn’t mean missing out though. Baby massage has been practised for hundreds of years with mothers simply lying babies across their legs wherever they may be and using simple strokes to soothe and relax. Baby massage is based on the most simple and natural instincts of a parent.; touch and love.

If you would like to learn at home our website has a large number of resources designed to help you learn at home. If there is no organised baby massage class nearby what about asking a group of friends to your home to practice together. It is fun and a way to share the joy of baby massage.

Happy practising!




Our UK directory of instructors is growing all the time. It is fantastic. If you know of a great instructor or run classes yourself, let us know and we can help to spread the word. We currently have instructors listed in most local areas in the UK on our site

What to expect from a baby massage class

Blossom & Berry Baby Massage Classes are small and relaxed. Babies are unpredictable so classes can be active and sometimes noisy!. All babies cry so don’t worry if your baby is unsettled. If baby doesn’t want to have a massage one week, it is not a problem as strokes are repeated in each class so you have a chance to practice and catch up. There is plenty of opportunity to repeat strokes if your baby doesn’t want to join in. The babies are in charge of the class and its pace by their mood. Baby Massage classes are relaxed informal and fun. We have refreshments at the end of the class so you can meet other parents and chat. Having a baby is a very special but sometimes overwhelming time. Our classes aim to help you relax, support you in getting to know your baby and to have fun.

I became an instructor after discovering the benefits of baby massage with my daughter, It is a great way to relax together.

  • Blossom & Berry Baby Massage Body Suit for Tummy problems

How massage can help a baby with colic.

by Gayle Berry of Blossom & Berry Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Having a baby who is suffering with colic can be very hard to deal with. It is not clear exactly what causes colic and there are varying degrees of discomfort. It is thought that a baby suffering with colic opposed to bad wind would show the following signs;

Hard Tummy

Lack of Eye Contact

Prolonged crying at a similar time everyday (Usually teatime 4-9pm)

A slight blue tinge to the lips

Difficulty in passing wind

Drawing legs up to the chest.

It can be very uncomfortable for baby and distressing as a parent to watch. My daugther suffered form it and it was the feeling of helplessness which caused the most harm. What can you do when your child is in pain and you can’t seem to settle them.

For me the answer was baby massage (and now as I have learnt in baby yoga for many). Massaging the tummy helps to reduce the build of wind, release wind held in the tummy, soothe tummy ache and encouarge the development of the digestive system.

Some hints to help

Find a local baby massage class where you can learn techniques to help reduce and improve wind. Not only is this a great way to learn but it helps to have the support of other parents around you. There will be someone else experiencing the same thing as you are. Try searching on  for a class near you.

If you can’t get to a class then try to learn some techniques at home. There are many excellent books on baby massage. You could also try using the Blossom & Berry Baby Massage Body Suit which will show you exactly where to massage to relieve colic and also congestion on the chest. Our shop is full of books, CDs and resources

If you need to start right away; Make sure you baby is healthly and well, not suffering from any serious medical condition, on any medication or experiencing any ill health such as vomiting or diarheoa. Also wait 48-72 hours after immunisation.

Use a vegetable based carrier oil and try some simple massage strokes working gently and softly from the top of the tummy to the bottom. You could also make some gentle clockwise circle on the tummy following the path of digestion. The rule is to work with strokes from top to bottom and clockwise on the tummy to expel wind. Also try these my rubbing the baby’s back in the tummy is too tender.

It is always better to visit or speak to an instructor in person on over the phone if you can. Blossom & Berry have a natural soothe, settle and sleep program to help support parents of colicky babies. Have a look at our website for more details.

Baby Yoga is also fantastic for easing wind and certain essential oils suitable for babies may be helpful

Colic usually passes after 12 weeks and it is very common. Talk to your health visitor if you are worried.


Here are a couple of ways to help get baby off to sleep gently. Not all babies sleep throught the night at first as they may need feeding often especially if they are breast fed or premature. A new born’s tummy is the size of a walnut so needs refilling regularly. Your baby will get into a natural sleep pattern eventually.

 All of these techniques are taken from instinctive settling methods passed from generation to generation. Many are used routinely in different cultures. Babies responds best to womb like conditions so try to think about how you can recreate this secure environment. Things to consider are;

Keeping noise low/muffled-Baby will respond well to the sound of your heartbeat.


Keeping baby feeling secure by swaddling/wrapping or keeping baby close to your body.


Keeping lights low


Keeping baby warm


Mimicking gentle swaying movements and motions similar to those experienced in the womb.


The following techniques can be done before massage to help to relax your baby or whenever baby is feeling tense. It is not necessary to remove your baby’s clothes before practicing the techniques.


Using a sling


Slings are used in many cultures to help settle and soothe baby whilst allowing the parent to continue to fulfill many other tasks. Using a sling to settle your baby can be very effectively. Slings offer a way to provide skin to skin contact and comfort but allow you to have your hands free to do whatever you need to do. They are used in many cultures for this reason. They also allow baby to experience the comforting sensation of movement, the sound of the heartbeat, and the scent of their parent. There are many different styles on the market. One of the best is the Kari Me sling which is available through our website


Tiger in Tree


Make a cradle with your arms and lay your baby on its front in your arms so that its tummy is directly over your hands. Let your baby’s legs and arms dangle either side of your arms cradling him. If this becomes tiring then you can lay your baby in this position whilst sitting down. The feel of your hands will bring warmth to your baby’s tummy and your touch will comfort baby. This position will provide your baby with a new view of his environment and the slight pressure will again help with trapped wind.


Baby Swaying


Use the Tiger in the Tree position Make sure his head is well supported in the nook of your elbow. Gently sway your baby from side to side.

Important-Make sure you have a good hold of your baby before you begin to sway.



Indian Bouncing


This is a technique used in Indian by mothers to soothe their babies. It applies a slight pressure to the stomach helping to ease any trapped wind. The rhythmical movements are also very soothing for baby and the patting replicates the sound of a mother’s heartbeat.


Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you or sit on a chair or sofa. Place your baby across your lap so that they he is face down. Make sure your baby’s head and neck is well supported by your legs.


Gently move your knees up and down in a rhythmical motion so that your baby is gently bobbing up and down on your lap.


Whilst you are moving your knees, gently pat baby on the back with flat palms in rhythm with your knee movements.




Swaddling can often help to calm babies as it has the effect of recreating the security and closeness of the tight space of the womb. Ask your health visitor or mid wife to show you how to swaddle your baby.




Warm water has been shown to help the body produce the hormone oxytocin which has a relaxing effect on the body. Try taking a warm bath together prior to the usual episode of fussing to help release built up tension and wind.


Fireman’s lift


Place baby high up on your shoulder with baby’s tummy resting on your shoulder. Make sure you have a good hold of baby either under the arms or around the waist. Babies will enjoy a different view and the gentle pressure on the tummy can help to soothe any windy pains.


Dancing with baby


Babies love movement and respond well to rhythm and different sounds. Dancing with your baby provides an excellent distraction for baby and is a fun activity for both of you helping to release endorphins or “happy hormones”


Going for a walk


Movement and fresh air are both good settlers for baby. Using a sling or a buggy provides gentle movement which baby will recognise with the sensations experienced in the secure environment of the womb.


Gentle Massage


If you are using massage to settle your baby try a session in late morning perhaps before a nap, and in the late afternoon before your baby is prone to becoming over-stimulated. Try to prevent over-stimulation in the afternoon by avoiding loud noises and bright lights. Gentle singing with the massage can also help to calm baby. If a baby becomes over-stimulated try not to do too much with the baby at one time.


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I hope you find some of the information in this blog useful to introduce baby massage. It is never too late to introduce massage with your child and discover its many benefits.


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